Medical products must be constructed as safe as possible to achieve the approval for patients, users and third parties.

To ensure and guarantee this, examinations by qualified personnel must be carried out. The senetics test laboratory offers selected tests for functional, mechanical and biological safety.

Funcational safety according to EN 60601

  • Examination of the product specification for compliance with RoHs and REACH
  • Examination of the suitability of a medical device for use in a magnetic resonance tomograph
  • Verification for compliance with IEC 62304
  • Checking the electrical safety
  • Emission examination acc. EN 60601-1-2 up to 10 GHz
  • Examination of stiff endoscopes according to EN 60601-2-18

Mechanical examinations

  • Lifetime and load examination (HALT / HASS)
  • Tensile examination
  • Pressure examination
  • Mechanical safety
  • Packing Examinations
  • Fall examination
  • Examination of the surface resistance
  • Scratch Test

Product examinations

  • Examination of lifters for transporting people with disabilities in accordance with ISO 10535
  • Examination of toothed rails for pressure loading
  • Tensile load of products
  • Examination of cardiovascular implants and extracorporeal systems according to ISO 7198