We offer order development of your laboratory diagnostics and laboratory equipment in interdisciplinary teams. Product engineers, designers and biologists work with you to find a way to turn your idea into a product.

High quality for laboratory equipment according to ISO 13485

Our development department covers the expertise required for your projects through a wide range of expertise. In this way we can guarantee an efficient handling of the problems entrusted to us by fast communication among the departments and experts. All development processes are implemented in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485. This includes an accompanying risk analysis and evaluation according to DIN EN ISO 14971 for all development activities.

Developmental competences for laboratory diagnostics

Our team develops control electronics for laboratory equipment, medical devices and miniaturized sensors. We always observe the specifications for functional safety for laboratory diagnostics. As part of product development, we are happy to take care of the construction of the appropriate housing and the required mechanics.

  • Control electronics and control technology
  • Development of power supply according to IEC 61010-1
  • Development of electronics for electrical measuring, control, and laboratory equipment
  • Design of mechatronic assemblies
  • Material selection taking into account the requirements for laboratory equipment
  • Concept of the user interface
  • Technical drawing and manufacturing (CAD / CAM)
  • Development-accompanying tests in the biological laboratory
  • Prototype
  • Production of laboratory equipment

Ergebnis erfolgreicher Entwicklung: Laborgerät für Probenlagerung im Einsatz

Example Applications

Our team is able to develop various laboratory equipment. Based on our experience senetics distinguishes itself especially for the following product types and technologies:

  • Optical analysis of liquids and substances (e. g. urea analysis, blood analysis)
  • Laboratory diagnostics at the point of care