The time factor usually plays a decisive role in product development. An experienced team is especially important for a quick transaction. Our prototyping experts work closely together with product development and manufacturing. We create your prototype under defined conditions according to ISO 13485.

What is a prototype?

A prototype represents a functional and simplified experimental model of a planned product for the defined purposes. It can only correspond to the final product visually or technically. A prototype also serves as preparation for series production (initial sample). But it can also be planned as a single piece, which should illustrate only a particular concept or technology. You can use the prototype to test the suitability or acceptance of your product. Accordingly, the prototype is also an essential step in the development of the design.

Our procedures are specifically designed for prototypes in the following areas:

  • Medical technology: diagnostics, therapy systems, wearables
  • In Vitro Diagnostics: Point-Of-Care-Diagnosis (POC)
  • Laboratory equipment: laboratory diagnostics, desktop devices, laboratory automation
  • Implants

Mitarbeiter fertigt Prototyp für Medizinprodukt

Technologies for the production of prototypes

Cases are i. a. by means of rapid prototyping e. g. implemented with fused deposition modeling or machining with the help of CNC machines. The advantage of rapid prototyping is speed and flexibility. Design changes can be implemented quickly with rapid prototyping. Manual post-processing ensures the highest quality.

We can produce electronics efficiently using reflow technology. For manufacturing as an implant miniaturized electronics in biocompatible materials can be housed waterproof. We also manufacture for you in manufacturing of prototypes on request under conditions such as in the clean room.

Results in manufacturing of prototypes

Therefore, we distinguish the following types in our manufacturing of prototypes:


That is a simple first construction for the demonstration of a technology. As a rule, we connect the necessary components on a plastic or wooden board. Thus, we enable a fast and cost-effective setup, with which you can evaluate new technologies. We can also produce demonstrators for trade fairs and demonstrations with customers.

Function prototype

When constructing a function prototype, it often becomes apparent that theory and practice do not always coincide, so that optimization loops require an iterative process, through which a product is brought to the requirements. Function prototypes can be used to check the function of the planned product. Function prototypes are often not similar in appearance to a series part. An integrated control electronics can be larger in the function prototypes, since the miniaturization has not progressed far. This plays a smaller role in a laboratory device. However, this is an important milestone in the development of point-of-care or mobile medical technology in general. In detail, this depends on the respective product. A functional prototype can be used to verify the correct functioning of electronics, software, firmware and mechanical elements. We also manufacture function prototypes of assemblies and housings.

Design prototype

A design prototype aims to replicate the outward characteristics of the product being developed. A design prototype of devices is typically created without electronic and software components. It serves as a showcase for trade fairs or investors. In the case of point-of-care diagnostics, this may be a strategic intermediate step due to the need for miniaturization of electronics.

Technical prototype

The technical prototype is very similar to the product to be developed. Size, design and function correspond with small restrictions to the series part. This can be used, among other things, for usability studies, clinical trials and market surveys. For laboratory diagnostics and laboratory equipment, this is already possible in an early stadium.

Initial Sample

The initial sample will be produced as part of the series introduction following product development. An initial sample corresponds in all aspects to the properties of a finished product. Based on the first sample, the quality of the manufacturing process is checked.