File Management Software for modern small or medium sized companies

With innovative document management software, you do not only manage to contain the paper overload, but also solve the problem of file versioning and even to improve your service offer to your customers.

The core of a Document Management System (DMS) is the electronic archive for long-term storage of your documents. Here a central, unchangeable and tamper-proof archiving takes place. This means that documents in the archive can always be restored to their original form. Any changes made are traceable. This makes the archive audit-proof, and additional paper documents can be dispensed. In addition, you can provide the documents with life cycles. This will determine in advance what will happen to a document in due course, when the statutory retention period has been reached.

This brings us to the next component in your Document Management System, called work flows. These are defined steps that a document has to go through. You would like to have the payment of supplier invoices issued by the management, provided they exceed a defined amount? Upon successful approval, the transaction is transferred directly to your accounts payable department.

Leopold DMS is the modular document management software and hardware system for companies in the healthcare industry. Leopold Document Management System is a software and hardware system for your healthcare company. It was specially developed according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 13485 and offers you the highest level of data security.


The benefits of Leopold DMS

  • Intuitive operation
  • Highest data security
  • Documentation of content changes
  • Automatic versioning and lettering
  • Demonstration of the current revision status
  • Labeling of documents
  • Simple identification of documents
  • Invitation for the valuation and approval
  • Compliance and reminder of deadlines
  • Comprehensive access control and rights
  • Export of documents and sustainable file formats
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