The Consulting department has comprehensive biomedical and medical technical knowledge at his disposal.

senetics is networked in industry and science. Thanks to many years of experience of its own experts, senetics has a high level of knowledge, insight into the overall context and a spreading view of the healthcare industries.

We support you holistically in building a successful market strategy and, together with you, elaborate the perfect direction for your company. We are very specific to your company’s needs, offer individual SWOT analyses for the healthcare industry and can thus exactly define your unique selling points and where your potential has been hidden so far. Through the experience and expertise of senetics Consulting in biomedicine, medical technology and biotechnology, we can optimize your market appearance sustainable together with you.

Are you interested in an acquisition and would like a technical and innovative assessment and advice? Technical due diligence, the detailed evaluation of the technical divisions, plays a crucial role in determining the value and decides on the success of your mergers & acquisitions transaction. We recommend a focus on the technical and strategic-innovative aspects of acquisitions. With the expertise of senetics in the technical assessment, we are a reliable partner for your M & A project.

senetics Consulting offers:

  • SWOT-analysis in terms of medical aspects
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Strategy development
  • Moderation of workshops in your house
  • Evaluation of your core competence
  • Direction to additional sectors
  • Interdisciplinary application of your know-how
  • Competitive comparison
  • Technology analysis and directions
  • Travel companion and organization
  • Market and weaknesses analysis
  • Emotional brand maintenance
  • Specialized biomedical consulting for research and development
  • Studies