The scientific Institute for innovation and consulting – senetics Dr. Wolfgang Sening – has set up the network for innovative suppliers in medical technology (NeZuMed) in cooperation with the Innovation Offensive Eastern Bavaria (IOO) and the IHK for Upper Franconia.

The dynamic network is a platform for the definition and implementation of measurements, developed for innovation and progress of the cooperation between supplier and OEM.

The dynamic network itself operates as a platform for the definition and implementation of measures that promote the advancement of medical technology as well as related fields and the improvement of cooperation between the supplier industry and the OEM.

All industry partners and the user side are involved at a very early state, which ensures the quality and safety of the developments. It also enhances the development of innovative components and products. At the same time, the network works as an efficient information network and supports the use of synergies.


Guiding principle

With a world market share of 20 percent, German medical technology has, as the fastest-growing industry, excellent prerequisites to become the leading industry of the 21st century. These positive growth prospects for the German medical technology industry affect both their suppliers directly and indirectly. With increasing global sales, the demand of medical technology companies worldwide for innovative suppliers increases constantly. The current development of the medical technology industry shows an increasing shift in innovation performance in the supplier companies. The observable trend is similar to the development in the automotive industry: the depth of vertical integration is gradually decreasing in the OEM companies, and suppliers are becoming increasingly important in the innovation chain by specializing in their own technological innovation areas.

The need for a professional network – especially for SMEs – is reflected in the fact that hardly any company has the necessary skills to independently realize the future innovative applications / products / components that are required by the distributer. Accordingly, it is the task of the network to initiate corresponding cooperation and to provide personal support in order to bundle and coordinate the existing know-how of the most diverse companies and research institutions. This creates synergies that give the involved SMEs access to the existing market potential. The creation of market access would not be possible or only with considerable delay for SMEs due to limited financial, technical and human resources. As a network platform, senetics offers ideal conditions for targeted support.

Here you can find the  NeZuMed registration form and the website of the network NeZuMed.