In a clean room, the concentration of airborne particles is kept as low as possible. Depending on the application, only the number of particles or the number of germs is monitored. Such spaces are needed for special manufacturing processes, for example in optics and laser technology, the life sciences and also medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

You operate a clean room and would like to have bio-contamination control or monitoring carried out by us? We map and test your clean room in relation to the potential germ development and thus enable standard-compliant operation according to GMP, DIN EN ISO 14644 and VDI 2083, page 18.

We offer:

  • Determination of the particle number
  • Determination of the amount of the airbone and surface germ
  • Determination of the overall germ amount in water
  • Personnel monitoring and hygiene trainings
  • Inspection of the air flow
  • Hazard avoidance from biofilms

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Reinraum Monitoring