Planing of the production of a medical device

We can take over the production of medical technology and laboratory diagnostics for you. Hereby we guarantee the highest quality through quality assurance in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485. Structured action and technical perfection are essential in order to ensure smooth series production. We always strive to carry out as many production steps as possible ourselves. Quality assurance and final assembly is of course carried out in-house to provide you with the highest possible quality.

senetics offers you reliable production Made in Germany!

Our focus is the production for the following industries and product groups:

  • Medical technology and medical devices, in-vitro diagnostics (IVD)
  • Biotechnology, laboratory equipment, laboratory diagnostics
  • Pharmaceutical biotechnology, combination products

Series introduction:

  • Series introduction from quantity 1 and design transfer
  • Supplier selection, supplier qualification
  • Ensuring the traceability of all components
  • Production planning
  • Process validation (DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ, MQ)

Production of the components and the product according to DIN EN ISO 13485:

  • Production of single components, small and medium series
  • Supply chain management
  • Quality assurance (100% control possible)
  • Logistics

Production technologies at senetics:

  • Machining of plastics and metals by CNC
  • Various 3D printing processes of plastic parts
  • Deep drawing and painting
  • Assembly of printed circuit boards, PCB testing
  • Confection of cables and cable harnesses
  • Manual assembly of assemblies in the clean laboratory
  • Mounting e. g. in microbiological workbenches (cleanroom)

senetics Production is your competent partner for your project!

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