We offer order development in interdisciplinary teams. Therefore we work in collaboration with you to develop a way to turn your idea into a product. We develop complete products for you from the idea to series production. We find a way to bring your idea to the user.

Quality for the order development of your products

Our development department covers the expertise required for your projects through a wide range of expertise. Because of this, we can guarantee an efficient handling of the problems entrusted to us by fast communication among the departments and experts. All development processes are implemented in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485. This includes an accompanying risk analysis and evaluation according to DIN EN ISO 14971 for all development activities.

Modern medical technology is no longer conceivable without software development. This applies both to the software directly in the medical devices and to software that accesses the devices as an application from outside. In both cases, you can rely on standard-compliant documentation according to DIN EN ISO 62304.

We provide the following competencies for technical development.

Verifikation am Ende der Auftragsentwicklung bei einer Baugruppe für ein Medizinprodukt
Verification at the end of order development for a medical device assembly

Electronics development

Our team develops control electronics for laboratory equipment, medical devices and miniaturized sensors. We always consider the specifications for functional safety for medical devices and laboratory diagnostics.

  • Control electronics for medical technology
  • Development of power supply according to EN 60601-1 and IEC 61010-1
  • Use of innovative sensors for vital signs
  • Microprocessor technology for medical devices (Hercules, Atmega)
  • Development of electronics for electrical measuring, control, and laboratory equipment

Software developmemt

We develop device control software for your laboratory device and medical device. We consider functional safety of the software according to EN 60601-1, and IEC 62304.

  • Mobile applications (development of medical apps)
  • Embedded Software Development for Control Electronics (Ansi C)
  • Conception of user interfaces
  • Web design
Konstruktion von Baugruppen und Gehäusen bei Labordiagnostik
Konstruktion von Baugruppen und Gehäusen bei Labordiagnostik

Construction of housings

As part of product development, we are happy to take care of the construction of the appropriate housing and the required mechanics. Our experience ranges from injection molding of a wide variety of plastics, through metal housings to the integration of modern capacitive input systems. Furthermore we can simulate a stress analysis of the critical elements, e. g. support structures.

  • Technical drawing and manufacturing (CAD / CAM)
  • Prototype development
  • Development of antibacterial surfaces
  • Simulation of mechanical stress
  • Development of reactors for biological tests
  • Material selection

Modeling and simulation

A distinction is made between structural and pragmatic modeling. In structural modeling, the internal structure of the system is known, but it is deliberately abstracted, modified, and reduced. This is called a white box model. In pragmatic modeling, the internal structure of the system is unknown, only the behavior or interaction of the system can be observed and modeled. The backgrounds are usually not or only partially understood – this is called a black box model. In the course of modeling, the object is reduced by delimitation and prepared for the simulation.

With the help of the simulation of physical effects different influences on the product can be investigated. This enables an optimization of your product. With senetics, the following effects can be investigated:

  • Mechanical effects
  • Thermal effects
  • Static effects
  • Fluid Mechanics

Our services for product development

  • Tissue modeling in CAD
  • Parameterization of CAD models
  • FEM simulation electromagnetics
  • Stress analysis
  • Calculation of specific absorption (SAR) in the tissue