Professional instrument preparation requires the highest standards of an instrument cycle without weak points.

According to the Robert Koch Institute, the methods as performed by senetics cover spheres of action A and B with fungicidal, bactericidal and virus-inactivating effects, including HBV and HIV.

The system solution from senetics offers perfect reprocessing results with excellent material protection and economy for your medical devices and instruments.

  • Reprocessing according to DIN EN ISO 15883, for all thermostable medical devices and instruments.
  • Reprocessing in case of an epidemic legal regulation according to § 18 of the German Protection against Infection Act (IfSG).
We take over validated cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and packing processes for your product safety.
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Our services

  • Manual pre-washing
  • Machine cleaning
  • Mechanical disinfection
  • Mechanical drying
  • Packaging
  • Hot steam sterilization, autoclaving
  • Documentation
  • Guarantee

In the reprocessing process, sterile goods are packaged after proper reprocessing, which includes cleaning, disinfection, rinsing and drying, testing for cleanliness, care and repair, and functional testing. When selecting the correct packaging, the quality of the medical devices to be packaged and the requirements of the users play a decisive role. We support you in the selection of the appropriate material and process. We consider the currently valid standards DIN EN ISO 11607 and EN 868.

The packaging of a medical device must provide an effective barrier against contamination by microorganisms before use and is therefore essential for a safe medical device.
In addition to the selection of the material, professional packaging without contamination is also important. We are happy to pack your products quickly and safely in transparent or paper packaging or reusable containers. Both variants have advantages, which depend on the product and its field of application.

The last step of reprocessing is the sterilization. During this process the last remaining germs are safely killed. Thus, a safe and ready-to-use medical device is available. We offer routinely hot air or steam sterilization. Both methods are validated and are maintained at regular intervals. All products are provided with appropriate indicators, which create safety and confidence in your products.

The devices used at senetics are state-of-the-art, reliable and validated. All devices used for cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and packaging are optimized for the demanding use of medical devices. Standardized and practical procedures at senetics enable perfect results and a high batch throughput even for special applications. Valuable instruments are cleaned effectively and reliably.

Our reprocessing team works thoroughly, gently and quickly. Thanks to our competent and trained employees and the high-quality equipment, your products are in good hands. The efficient use of water and chemicals additionally contributes to the protection of the environment.
According to the RKI guidelines, medical products which are used sterilely in invasive procedures must be reprocessed, depending on their intended use and purpose. To ensure this sterility, validated and monitored packaging processes are essential when reprocessing reusable instruments.
Medical devices that are critical in accordance with their intended use must always be used sterilely, since they are likely to penetrate skin or mucous membranes during the treatment.  Correct packaging within the reprocessing process is particularly important. The necessary steps for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization must be observed.  Therefore, the focus must be on the packaging process and thus an adequate sterile barrier system according to DIN EN ISO 11607. The correct packaging of the instruments clearly plays a central role in the seamless process of instrument reprocessing, for the protection of patients and practitioners. The packaging ensures that the instrument remains sterile from the sterilization process until it is applied on the patient. We at senetics strictly follow the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute.