Professional instrument preparation like order packaging and sterilization requires the highest standards of an instrument cycle without weak points. 

According to the Robert Koch Institute, the methods as performed by senetics cover spheres of action A and B with fungicidal, bactericidal and virus-inactivating effects, including HBV and HIV.

The system solution from senetics offers perfect reprocessing results with excellent material protection and economy for your medical devices and instruments.

  • Reprocessing according to DIN EN ISO 15883, for all thermostable medical devices and instruments.
  • Reprocessing in case of an epidemic legal regulation according to § 18 of the German Protection against Infection Act (IfSG).
We take over validated cleaning, disinfection, order packaging and sterilization processes for your product safety.
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  • Manual pre-washing
  • Machine cleaning
  • Mechanical disinfection
  • Mechanical drying
  • Packing
  • Hot steam sterilization, autoclaving
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